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Under the roof of the KW automotive Group, we are organizing the KW automotive Virtual Expo 2020 from November 28th to December 6th 2020 for our brands KW suspensions, ST suspensions, ap sports suspensions, and our SimRacing brands Ascher Racing, TrackTime, and RaceRoom.


In the past years, we have massively invested in the production capacity at our headquarters in Fichtenberg, Germany, to manufacture our kits „just in time“ according to your orders. On our virtual tour, you can learn interesting facts about our products or take a closer look at our show cars

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On the event days from November 28th to December 6th 2020, you can reach us each day from 10 am to 7 pm, also during the weekends.
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Virtual Expo 2020

From November 28th you can look around directly in our virtual exhibition hall thanks to modern 360° camera shots:

What's new at KW suspensions?

We have already adapted our „KW Solid Piston Technology“, introduced in 2017 for GT3 motorsport, for track day applications such as the Manthey coilover suspension for the Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR or the „Street Performance“ KW coilover suspension variant 5 for Lamborghini Huracán, introduced in 2019, and the KW DDC plug&play coilover suspension for Mercedes-AMG G63..


The KW coilover suspension variant 5

A „KW automotive Virtual Expo Highlight“ is the German premiere of the KW coilover suspension Variant 5 for the new Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray.

The new KW Coilover Suspension Variant 5 will once again demonstrate our market leadership in individual suspension innovations. Compared to conventional suspensions in the original equipment and aftermarket, we rely on our successful damper technology with Solid Piston Technology and modular as well as series-connected damper valves.

What's new at ST suspensions?

The new ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension is a kit with 3-way adjustable shocks for numerous vehicles.

For the first time in this price class, a coilover suspension with part certificates is available which, due to its valve technology, makes the use of a piggyback unnecessary.


With the ST XTA plus 3, the compression stage in the high-speed range and in the low-speed range can be adjusted with 24 exact click stages each. Independently of this, the low-speed rebound stage can be adjusted with 16 clicks directly on the piston adjuster.

Further features of the ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension

With the ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension you also can order optional spring packages, which differ from the pre-assembled springs in their spring rate and partly in their spring length. An integral part of the ST XTA plus 3 scope of delivery are always aluminum top mounts on the front axle suspension struts. Of course, the ST XTA plus 3 coilover suspension can also be customized like all other ST coilover suspensions and ST coilover springs.

ST Customization - Make it Yours!

Since the winter of 2019, we have been putting suspension tuning at ST suspensions to a completely new level! Thanks to the ST Customization, all our ST height-adjustable springs, and all ST coilovers are available in individual color variants and personalized marking.

Ordering an individualized ST coilover suspension or the individualized ST coilover springs is very easy. Simply select one of 18 RAL colors from your dealer or directly from our homepage. You can also conveniently enter the desired marking with a total of 25 characters at your dealer or in our online configurator.


You can find more information about individualization in our virtual fair!

What's new at ap Sport suspensions?

While at first sight, everything remains the same at ap Sport suspensions, a lot is new at ap Sport suspensions. For more than 18 months now, ap has been an integral part of the KW automotive group and everyone who is looking for a sports suspension, a coilover suspension or a spring set for everyday use will benefit from this. From now on we offer under the brand ap Sport suspensions also for more and more current vehicles coilovers including part certificates.




Even for Audi A4 (B9), BMW 4-series (F32), and VW T-Roc R (A1) ap Sport suspensions have coilovers in its delivery program. But nevertheless, ap Sport suspensions stays true to its roots and shows a replica of the VW Jetta from „The Fast and The Furious“ at the KW automotive Virtual Expo!

SimRacing – everything from one source

Under the roof of KW automotive, an immense range of SimRacing hardware is also developed, manufactured, and distributed. Whether for SimRacing beginners, casual racers, or ambitious SimRacers, we carry everything from Game Seats to 3Motion Seatmovers, from rigs to multi mounts, steering wheels, potentiometer pedals or load cell pedals, and much more. We make no difference whether you are looking for hardware for PC, Sony PlayStation, or Microsoft XBox. In addition, we organize virtual eRacing championships directly with various motorsport series, car manufacturers, and others based on RaceRoom Racing Experience.

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