XTA plus 3

Maximum Performance, no compromises.

Your entrance into the king’s class of driving dynamics with the most versatile ST coilover kit we ever built.

XTA plus 3 Features

Height adjustable
Adjustable rebound damping

16-clicks adjustable More sportiness and body movement control or comfort

2 Adjustable Lowspeed compression damping

24-clicks adjustable Particularly affect the steering precision

Adjustable Highspeed compression damping

24-clicks adjustable Affects the chassis support

Adjustable Unibal-top mounts

Scalable camber and optional caster adjustment

Two-piece race sring system
Composite spring perch
Dust cover and bump stop
Parts approval and documents included

Your feedback on the XTA plus 3 kits

XTA plus 3 Ford Mustang, type LAE (model year 2015)

„…Driving back home was a great experience! The Mustang‘s driving behavior was dynamic, calm and really stable on the road even at high speeds. Even when the road was bumpy, the XTA plus 3 absorbed the bumps without any problem. The suspension is really comfortable, the Mustang drives simply great! I can only recommend the suspension!!“

XTA plus 3 BMW 1 series, type F20 (M135i)

„The F20 is a lot more stable on the road….Compared to the previous standard suspension on my car with electronic dampers, the setup of the XTA plus 3 is pretty much exactly between the „comfort“ and „sport“ mode of the standard suspension and therefore perfectly suitable to every-day use.

Also I really like the steering behavior of the car being way more direct. The rolling movements of the F20 are reduced significantly and also, the understeering the car has from factory is completely gone….“

KW automotive NA Inc.

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Hier steht dann was über die Entwicklung in der USA.

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